• dot ie Digital Health Index

    We have published the Q4 2016 dot ie Digital Health Index which measures the health of 500 Irish SMEs’ digital presence by analysing the number of digital assets (like websites, apps and social media accounts) owned by them, and their perceived quality.

    dot ie Digital Health Index
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  • Get your dot ie domain with a fada now!

    Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs), allow you to register and use dot ie domain names with non-standardised characters. In practical terms, this means you can now register a domain name with a fada on vowels, as used in the Irish language: á,ó,ú,é, í.

    Get your dot ie domain with a fada now!
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  • Why Irish businesses choose .ie domains?

    Find out why some of over 200,000 businesses, SMEs, organisations and individuals have already chosen a .ie domain as their address on the Internet.

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  • Guaranteed Irish

    Every .ie website has a proven connection with Ireland and a valid claim to their name. You know who you are dealing with on .ie websites.

    Guaranteed Irish
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  • .ie is Ireland’s Internet address

    It is the only domain name reserved for anyone with a connection to Ireland and helps to connect Irish businesses to local and global markets online.

    .ie is Ireland’s Internet address
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  • Identifiably Irish

    A .ie web address tells the global community you are Irish and the Irish community you are local.

    Identifiably Irish
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